Preparing to Attend CRAS

You’ve made the decision to pack it all up and head to Arizona to attend CRAS,  an audio recording, engineering and production school!  Now I’m sure there are so many questions going on in your head…

How am I going to find a place to live?  Arizona? Isn’t really hot there?  Is it possible to work while attending CRAS?  Where do I start?

These are all really important questions you have asked yourself and hopefully we can help direct you in the right path to tackle them.

With many of our students attending CRAS from out of state, many have to relocate to attend.  Now, we won’t be sending the movers to pack your things up and drive you out, but we have some great resources for you to use.

So let’s get started in preparing to attend CRAS!

Relocating to Arizona

To best calculate housing cost, make sure that your lease is no longer than the on-site completion length of your CRAS Experience.

Make sure to factor in the additional relocation costs, like: movers, transportation, fuel, deposits, food, lodging, and additional fees.

Also, start exploring your relocation options at least 2-3 months ahead of your Start date. It is advised that you be in AZ within 1-2 weeks prior to your start date to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings.

Please make use of available online, and mobile, applications to help calculate your relocation to Arizona.

Living in the Phoenix metro area, one of the top-10 cities in the US allows our students a well rounded cultural experience. There is a vibrant music scene and major league teams in baseball, hockey, basketball and football. The Phoenix metro also has a group of unique museums that feature Native American as well as European art, there’s even the world’s largest musical instrument museum.  The greater Phoenix area enjoys some of the best weather in the world, and it’s only a few hours drive to wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Sonoran Desert.

Is Housing available for students?

CRAS doesn’t offer housing for our students.  Depending on the size of housing, housing location, and amenities, CRAS partners with Michael Martin from Apartment Zone, with a free locating service, to best meet your needs.

What is the cost of living while at CRAS?

Our students, being diverse as they are, have proven, that based on personal lifestyle, the cost of living varies greatly. To view AZ’s living statistics, please visitCRAS-Conservatory of Recording Arts & Science College Navigator.

As well, you are welcome to visit our NET PRICE CALCULATOR to view a quick estimate. We, at CRAS, feel that the generated values from this calculator may raise an eyebrow, so please feel free to contact our Financial Aid Department with your inquiries.

Is it possible to work while attending CRAS?

Yes. Having a set schedule with class being the same time everyday throughout the program easily enables students to find employment that will conform to their class schedule. It is suggested to limit work hours to 20-30 hours per week to maximize your CRAS learning experience.

How much study time is required outside of class?

As a general rule of thumb, 2 to 4 hours of outside-class study is recommended. More or less may be necessary depending on each student’s individual capabilities. With 24-hour access to CRAS, most students find it very easy to put in extra study hours on campus. Let’s face it, if you’re passionate about audio and thirst for access to world-class facilities, wouldn’t you be here as much as you could, too?

We hope this has been a helpful guide in preparing you to attend CRAS.

For more information about what classes are like on campus read “Classes On Campus”.

Any questions, please contact our Admissions Department 800-562-6383