Presenting the iZotope Plugin Package

Each student attending CRAS gets their own Laptop Recording Package, which includes thousands of dollars worth of recording materials! Students each get a brand new MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Waves Plug-Ins and just recently we added an iZotope plugin bundle. In additional to the plethora of plug-ins that come with Pro Tools and Logic, in conjunction with the Waves Certification bundle, students will now get the RX4Ozone 6 and Insight Meter plug-ins from iZotope, worth over $1,000!

As with the rest of our recording package, students will receive the most up-to-date, stable versions of all these softwares. Ozone is one of the few plug-ins that is considered a self-contained mastering plug-in. We first started using this plug-in in the 11th Cycle Mastering Classes in our SSL AWS studios. The plug-in also gets some use in our post-production and dynamics classes to educate students on what mastering really is, and how to prep certain files for delivery.

RX4 is by far the most widely used iZotope plug-in for audio restoration and repair software. Sony Pictures uses this plug-in in each of their hundreds of editing rooms. Due to it’s massive use and presence in the industry, RX4 has become a verb, similar to “AutoTune” or “Google”. For example. a producer may hear a problem with their audio and turn to the engineer, “Can we RX that?” Amazing. We’ve been able to use this plug-in to fix input clipping into Pro Tools, and the artist couldn’t even tell a fix had been made. There is also an Ambience Match tool that allows you to match the ambience, background noise and presence of the original recording. This can provide an unprecedented quality to ADR sessions especially.

The Insight Meter mimic the meters we have on our Studer consoles, which adhere to the BS.1770-1/2/3 broadcasting standard used for loudness, level, phase and frequency. This is an essential tool for all broadcasting setups, but it has obvious uses in studio and live sound situations as well.

We are proud to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date quality education on the most used real world technology, and iZotope plugin package is the latest in technological standards that we enjoy using. Check out this video from our CRAS grad Darrell Thorp on his usage of iZotope plug-ins.

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