AlphaDogs adds assistant mixer

BURBANK, CA —AlphaDogs Post Production has hired Curtis Fritsch as assistant audio mixer. After working as an intern and moving up to a freelance position at the company in just seven months, he now joins the AlphaDogs team full-time.

Fritsch began working as an intern at AlphaDogs while juggling two other jobs. He graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts And Sciences, receiving the Master Recording Program Certificate. He also served as the Audio Engineering Society chapter president.

Before joining AlphaDogs full-time, Fritsch provided sound design and mixing services for projects for Home Depot and Yahoo, as well as for various non-profits. “I realized the only way I could get the experience I would need to become a full-time audio mixer was to get connected with a good company that would be willing to give me more hands-on experience,” notes Fritsch. “It was tough working two jobs while interning, but the knowledge I gained from the people I worked with made it more than worth it. I’m grateful for the opportunity AlphaDogs has given me and look forward to learning more about all aspects of the post production process.”

In his new role, Fritsch will be involved in the mixing of sound for documentaries, film, and reality television shows. Most recently he completed the mix for The Bronx Boys-Still Playing at 80, a documentary about 15 childhood friends who reunite for their 80th birthdays.

AlphaDogs has been providing internships since they first opened in 2002.