CRAS and Spatial Launch ‘Spatial Inside’ Resources

Spatial Studio 101 is the foundational curriculum that offers creators a course teaching the core principles of Spatial Studio, the real time editing environment for designing immersive sonic experiences. Unlike linear audio design software, Spatial Studio offers sound and experience designers the ability to sonically transform a space with sound objects that replicate real-world physics such as movement, relations, and reactions to cues inside a soundscape.

To deepen the pool of qualified immersive audio design talent, Spatial partnered with the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, (CRAS) one of the top-rated audio engineering and music production schools teaching hands-on skills and concepts for audio and sound design, to develop Spatial Studio 101. The partnership with CRAS enrolls audio engineers and creatives seeking to diversify their skillset and unlock commercial work opportunities with Spatial’s leading customers and clients.

Spatial Inside will feature educational programs across the following curriculum areas:

  • Spatial Studio 101: the two-day foundational course offered in-person and remotely;  teaches any level of sound design engineers the opportunity to build immersive soundscapes using the unique features only available in Spatial Studio.
  • Spatial Education: is a customized curriculum developed for educators by educators. Spatial Studio 101 will be adapted and customized for audio programs looking to enhance their current courses or professional development.
  • Backstage Pass: the free license that allows creators and educational institutions to design immersive 3D audio environments easily with Spatial Studio with  access to the Spatial platform and Spatial Guide – self led tutorials for using Spatial. Backstage Pass enables a large ecosystem of creators to publish dynamic 3D soundscapes directly to Spatial commercial customers for use across a wide variety of spaces and experiences.

For more information about Spatial or to register for Spatial Inside and Studio 101 visit: