Studios Added At The Conservatory Of Recording Arts And Sciences

The Conservatory of Record- ing Arts and Science has added two new studios on its main campus in Tempe, Arizona. Each of two control rooms features an SSL AWS 948 console and Pro Tools 12 system. “We created a mirror topology: two identical control rooms with recording space between them,” says CRAS admissions director Ghery Fimbres. “Students are able to do one session in the interior recording space, but have two different functions of that session happening in the opposing control rooms.”

The new studios were designed by Alex Otto, a CRAS alum. “Now he’s a studio designer, contractor and builder,” Fimbres says. “The two new studios are referred to as F and G, so you can see that we’ve started climbing the ladder as far as letters of the alphabet.”

The studios are designed for classroom instruction as well as student recording projects. CRAS also has expanded its broadcast instruction facilities with a new 42-foot Mobile Broadcast Unit.