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The best way to demonstrate expertise in any field is through certification on industry-standard applications and gear.

At CRAS we understand that proficiency gives our graduates a significant advantage in the workplace. In the recording industry, proficiency doesn’t just mean theoretical knowledge. The CRAS certification process gives you the feedback you need to gain full competence in the basic operation of the applications and gear that you’ll use after graduation.

Pro Tools Tier 1

Avid’s Pro Tools is the most prolific software used in professional music studios and post-production environments. The audio industry expects knowledge and skill on this industry standard software and students can demonstrate this through 6 possible tiers of Pro Tools certification.

The Pro Tools Tier 1 and 2 Certifications are basic entry-level proficiencies that will prepare you for the world of Pro Tools. 

Pro Tools Tier 3

The Pro Tools Tier 3 Certification will step it up a notch and introduce you to using external gear with your in-the-box set up. 

Pro Tools Tier 4 Music

The Pro Tools Tier 4 Music Certification will dive deep into advanced processes that will be sure to impress any client or employer. 

Pro Tools Tier 4 Post

The Pro Tools Tier 4 Post Certification will give you first-hand experience editing audio to video. 

Pro Tools Tier 5

The Pro Tools Tier 5 Certification will test your ability to critically think, troubleshoot, and come up with solutions. 

CRAS Alumni Make It!

As a CRAS graduate, you can join the list of other alumni that have worked on award-winning and award-nominated recordings. Apply today to take the first step on your path to greatness.

Pro Tools Tier 6

The Pro Tools Tier 6 Certification will assess your overall knowledge of Pro Tools both written and hands-on. 

Rational Acoustics Smaart

Rational Acoustic’s Smaart software is the go-to audio analysis tool. Used to “tune” acoustic spaces ranging form studios to concert venues, Smaart reveals exactly how the speakers and the environment impact your sound.

Antares Auto-tune Pro

Antares Auto-tune Pro is the original pitch correction tool used in countless hits. It’s not just used to fix a singers pitch in the studio, it can be used as creative tool (think T-Pain effect) in recorded production and in live performance.

Apple Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is Apple’s powerful and popular music production DAW that’s included in every student’s laptop package. This certification is based on the Apple Pro Training Series workbook and involves an extensive written test coupled with a practical 2 hour timed exercise. 

Recording Facilities Internships

A requirement for graduation, the CRAS internship program is the only one-of-its-kind in audio education.

We have relationships with audio recording facilities around the country and throughout the world, and work closely with you to take location, industry specialty and more into the final decision.

Celemony Melodyne

Celemony’s Melodyne is an advanced refinement of pitch correction. Using precise visual controls, Melodyne provides surgical precision and immense flexibility over a performances timing and pitch. 

L’Acoustics Soundvision

L’Acoustics is a premier manufacturer of concert tour PA systems. Their Soundvision acoustical simulation program reveals how to optimize selection and positioning of speaker cabinets and see how sound will react in 3D. 

TC Electronic M3000

The TC Electronic M3000 hardware reverb processor is an industry staple that CRAS that can be found in hi-end studios around the world. Knowledge of this processor translates to many other popular TC Electronic devices and plug-ins. 

TC Electronic System S6000

The TC Electronic S6000 is one of the most powerful and well respected outboard processors. It’s found in top notch music studio and is standard-issue in movie post-production facilities.


Waves revolutionized the concept of plug-ins in modern audio production software. Decades after they helped to re-define audio production workflows, they are still an expected standard in today’s production environments for music and post production. 


Audiokinetic’s Wwise software is used to integrate sounds in video games ranging from Rocket League to Assassin’s Creed. This manufacturer’s certification was developed by CRAS and can be taken by CRAS students at no cost.

Midas M32

Midas is a revered name in live sound production. Because of its power, flexibility and affordability, the Midas M32 digital mixing console quickly became a standard in live event production environments ranging from concert halls, house of worship and corporate audio.

John Muller – Engineer, Mix Assistant / Assistant Manager at Flux Studios NYC
Frank Ocean, N.E.R.D., Norah Jones
Brandon Laureta – Audio/Visual Support Technician and A1, A2, Audio Engineer
VMware and Rooster Teeth
Brynna Hutchison – Broadcast Maintenance Engineer
Seattle Mariners Radio Network, Seahawks, Root Sports

Job Opportunities

Additional information about jobs here.

  • Foley Engineer
  • Board Operator
  • Sound Effects Engineer
  • Manufacturer’s Specialist
  • Environmental Sound Designer
  • A&R Operations Coordinator
  • ProTools Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Game Audio Designer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Corporate Media Tech
  • TV/Video Scoring Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer

In only 11 months, you’ll learn all 5 focuses of the recording arts at CRAS

1Music Production
2Video Game Audio
3Live Sound Engineering
4Film/TV Sound Engineering
5Broadcast Sound Engineering

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The best way to demonstrate expertise in any field is through certification on industry-standard applications and gear.

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