Studer Truck Visits CRAS

The Conservatory strives to be at the forefront of modern technology. While we hold on to the building blocks of all that has led to what we know now as audio engineering, that doesn’t mean we stay in the past. We have classic gear, from PCM-80s to Studer A-827s, Universal Audio 1176s to Pro Tools HD2s, CRAS encompasses all that exists in the audio realm.

While we teach all that is analog, from Otari to SSL, we also cover modern gear, from Komplete 6 USB interfaces to VENUE D-Show systems, we cover everything you’ll need to know to be a comprehensive audio engineer, ready to take on the most daunting tasks, from doing sound design for Bates Motel, or sound quality assurance for the newest video games like Bethesda’s Dishonored .

We always have visits from big names in the industry – the past year we’ve seen visits from PRG and Shure, had involvement with local music festivals, and even had audio industry leaders visit our school – from studio managers to PR people, we have it all.

Here is a video from when Studer visited our campus in 2012 and showed us some of their hottest gear. You can believe this was a unique visit and something that should not have been missed!