Studio Managers Visit CRAS 2014

The Conservatory has a great reputation in the industry, and we have tons of connections to all kinds of major studios. Preserving our relationship between studios and our students is one of the many things that we strive for, and this year we are glad to continue this tradition by having some of our favorite studio managers come back to visit!

Studio managers from three of the most successful studios in the music business are coming to CRAS to talk to students about the realities of a career in the audio industry. Paula Salvatore (Capitol Studios, LA); CRAS graduate Crystal Olsen (GrooveMaster Studios, Chicago) and Candace Stewart (East/West Studios, LA) will be part of our Studio Manager Panel presentation today.

“We’re happy to have managers of this level visit the CRAS,” says Administrator Kirt Hamm. “It gives our students a look at what goes on in the major recording centers and reinforces what we tell them each day about the value of hard work and the importance of basic audio and people skills.”

Giving their insights, as well as anecdotal stories and great discussion points, they will have a captive audience in our student body. Talking about what they look for in quality employees, stories from their time in the industry, and more are on the agenda. Crystal Olsen went through the Conservatory program herself and moved up to her current position, and by doing so has set a great example for what our students can do if they really want to work for it.

We will also be celebrating Paula Salvatore’s accomplishments by showing “Sound City” on Friday night as part of our monthly Movie Night. Held in our Gilbert Studio D, which is primarily used as our hands-on surround sound teaching room, we like to present movies that are important to our industry, whether they are related to music history or have outstanding sound design. Aside from her incredible career as Vice President of Capitol Studios, she has also worked with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, James Taylor and Paul McCartney.

Candace Stewart has managed a number of world renowned facilities over the last few decades, including Take One Recording and Firehouse Studios. Currently running EastWest Studios and employing a fair number of our CRAS grads, she has worked with a bountiful amount of talent including Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Rolling Stones.

We are proud to be able to host this presentation and allow our students the opportunity to hear these words of wisdom and encouragement from some of the most powerful women in the music industry!