The internship of your choice—only at CRAS

The internship program at CRAS is the only one of its kind in the field of audio education.

Best of all, CRAS’ intense focus on music production and audio engineering enables you to graduate in just 11 months without a mountain of crippling debt.

Unlike other schools, we promise and deliver the ultimate real-world experience by including a 12-week internship as part of our graduation requirement. No combing the industry for opportunities, no endless phone calls, no filling out endless applications, no waiting and hoping for a positive response.

You tell CRAS where you would like to be located, select your top placement choices, and our Student Services Department does the rest. Our ability to meet most requests is based on the richness of our connections across every audio engineering niche from Los Angeles to New York City, from Chicago to Nashville.

Your audio education, your way

CRAS takes this unique approach because we want you to have an internship experience that you tailor to your chosen career path. First, you’ll have a chance to learn, grow and excel in a comprehensive, laser-focused curriculum in all five industry disciplines: Music, live sound, video game sound, broadcast audio, and audio for film and TV.
Once you’ve gained all the knowledge and skill an interactive classroom setting can offer, the internship of your choice instills the confidence you need to succeed from the day you graduate. Having access to a real-world set or studio perspective gives you a working knowledge of operations and protocol, a chance to apply all that you have learned—and a foot in the door with prospective employers. Internships can turn into job offers but they also provide opportunities for priceless connections, recommendations and referrals.

CRAS sets the standard for industry excellence

Industry leaders from coast to coast praise CRAS graduates for their unique hands-on studio experiences along with the benefit of small classes and individual attention from incredible instructors. CRAS believes in the value of exposure to experts and trend-setters in audio engineering and music production. That’s why we carefully select our faculty and staff from the rock stars of the tech-ed world and fill our learning environment with state-of-the-art gear.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is worship sound, concerts, recording, broadcast, education, film sound, game sound or any other aspect of professional audio and production, CRAS has the skill-building educational and practical experiences that will help you launch with confidence and begin your rise to the top.

The job-seeking power of real-world experience

It’s a fact that many studios will not even consider an aspiring candidate who lacks on-the-job experience. They need more than a certification and faculty recommendations as proof that you know how to get the job done effectively and efficiently. In the world of audio and recording businesses that are growing more competitive with every passing day, an impressive internship experience can be the edge you need to grab attention and remain visible above the pack.

Our immersion approach gives you a deep dive into what you already love—but also the chance to discover a new passion that might come as a complete surprise. And at the end of your laser-focused interactive classroom journey, you’ll be building confidence, portfolio credits, and professional contacts with a 12-week internship in one of the nation’s leading studios.

Ready to start your career in audio engineering in less than 11 months? Request information or apply today!