How Trade School Programs in Audio Can Launch Your Career

What to do, what to do? With the traditional start of a “school year” right around the corner, many people, just like you, are looking to find the education that will get them nearer their dreams. Depending on what YOUR dream is, you’ll research educational facilities that nurture your wants, and there are many of them out there. As you do your research, you’ll also find that many of these facilities are multi-year schools. While there are great things to say about a multi-year education, the one drawback is that the employment field keeps taking on new employees, while you’re busy taking on your education, and will continue to do so, until you’re ready to be employed.

This is where Trade and Technical Schools come into the picture. With a Trade and Technical School, YOU might be able to start living your dream far sooner than a series of “gen-ed-filled” years. You immerse yourself in the subject, amass an employable intellect, prove your abilities with hands-on training, and can quickly enter the working-world… but, is it WORK if you’re living your DREAM and fostering your PASSIONS?!

If you’re still reading this, then obviously your interests are piqued with Audio. Yes, AUDIO! While some put forth the kind of effort to become “the Artist,” there are others, like YOU and I, which are cut from the cloth that excels at being “on the other side of the glass.”

Have you ever stopped to consider all the sounds that you hear? Ever stopped to think about where you’ve heard those sounds? How EXACTLY did those sounds get to your ears? What does it take to make all those sounds to come together? These are the kinds of questions that The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) focus their attention on, so that YOU can start living your DREAM in as little as 11 months!

To enter the Audio Industry, YOU must take notice of the horizon of Audio. It is far more than working with music in the traditional Recording Studio, rubbing elbows with Music Producers and Artists. For example, Post Production Audio is the “coming together” of all sounds in a movie. Here’s the scene: man walking in the snow, 50 yards away, he’s talking to himself, and you can hear his snowshoes crunch the snow beneath his feet. How do you hear all of that in the theater? Easy… after the scene was filmed, the actor went into a studio, watched the scene, and added new “voice” characteristic to the visual display. That’s then recorded and played back, while synchronized with the film. And what of the snowshoes? You would have seen the microphone, had there been one close enough to capture the sound of the crunching snow. Again, after the filming, that scene is replayed in a different studio, and people JUST LIKE YOU simulate snow crunching sounds, so that those sounds can be recorded and played back. Next time you watch a movie, and listen for EACH SOUND, and realize that process is MUCH BIGGER than you might have realized before.

More so, what about the concerts you’ve been to? If you only knew how exciting it could be to get sound to THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE all while dealing with the complexities of the venue’s design, the P.A System, and the musical act! Truth be told, the same science it takes to make “records,” is the same science it takes to do Post Production, and Live Sound Reinforcement. How cool is it to learn one skill set and have the confidence to apply it in a multitude of ways?!

How much TV do you watch? Let me guess, you usually have the sound up, as well, right? Of course, we all do. Somewhere, somehow, there must be a collaborative effort amongst the Audio Crew and the Video Crew to be able to broadcast this “show” seamlessly for the consumer… and it’s all based on the SAME SCIENCE that we’ve already spoken of!

Here’s where it gets REALLY COOL… VIDEO GAME AUDIO! Let’s just call it what it is… because you’re still reading this, YOU probably belong to the culture that has seen video games blossom in technological advances that have led to INCREDIBLE GAMING EXPERIENCES! YOU have probably been gaming as you’ve been reading this! Although, the video component of video games has made MASSIVE ADVANCEMENTS, so has its’ corresponding AUDIO! So much so that there are now specialty devices that the gamer can wear to help immerse themselves deeper into the audio, to create a far more realistic experience. YOU could be at the helm of that!!!

All this knowledge is shared with CRAS students in 11 months. All 5 disciplines of Audio are taught in HANDS-ON classes with no more than 12 students per class.

Ok, ok, ok… so, how do you put this NEW KNOWLEDGE to WORK after the curriculum? EASY… CRAS GETS YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR with our 280 Hour Internship Program. With our 30-year pedigree, and the Industry’s expectation of CRAS’ excellence, we work with each student to find the route that is most amenable to their life and work hard to usher each student into the city/site that will launch them towards their DREAMS!!!

As you look for educational facilities, DIG DEEP! Make sure that you are going to be able to make the “calendar commitment,” in choosing how long YOU can wait before you’re ready for employment. Make sure that you get the BEST EDUCATION available, while receiving instruction from INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS. Make sure that you inquire about Accreditation, as CRAS is Accredited by North America’s most rigorous accrediting body, ACCSC. As well, CRAS has a dedicated Student Financial Services Department, that will dedicate themselves to helping each student find a financial route to their education.

As your search for an education continues, remember this: The Industry demands GREAT. CRAS Music Production Schools prepares YOU for GREATNESS. So, BE CRAS and BE GREAT.

We are excited to help you take the next step nearer your DREAM, so contact us at (800)562-6383, or at