Types of Audio Engineering Jobs You Can Apply to After Graduation

Whether you are researching audio engineering or music productions jobs before you attend an audio engineering school or after you graduate from our program in 11 months like ours there are different types of jobs you can apply for.

Here is a list of example audio engineering jobs we noticed posted live on top job boards currently from a diverse group of companies and industries.

There were over 3,600 live listings on Indeed.com with one search we did for “audio engineer”

Some of the job titles include:

  • Production Engineer
  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Audio Visual Design Engineer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Producer Virtual Reality Video Engineer
  • Audio/Video Technician
  • Audio Visual Engineer
  • Live Sound Instructor
  • Acoustic Engineer
  • Audio Research Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • DSP Audio SW Engineer
  • Senior Audio Visual Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer

Some of the industries and companies in the audio engineering industry include:

  • On site corporate AV tech services provided from companies like Avisys
  • Collaboration technology services provided from companies like IVCi
  • Companies like Amazon.com which needed a Senior Audio Engineer recently
  • Major media companies like Sirius XM, CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Fox and many more that you know
  • Anything that involves sound like Gaming companies (PlayStation, Microsoft, Activision ect…)

The jobs in the audio engineering industry are abundant and growing. And as we referenced before this will provide you the ability to earn a living and an average audio engineering salary which is based on the genre and location you choose to work.

The benefit of our audio engineering program as well is it’s less than a year and you can start applying to audio engineering careers just like these from small private companies to bigger public companies. The Audio engineering and Music job market has a vast array of opportunities for you to take action and apply to.

Check out this video to see a panel of our recent 2016 Audio Engineering CRAS Graduates where they share job/intern experience as well.