Learn How You Can Cash in on Your Passion for Video Games

No one can deny the popularity of video games. Mario and Luigi are notably the most famous brothers of all time while Donkey Kong is the most celebrated ape in modern history. With 65 percent of households in America having an avid video game player, it only makes sense that this is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And now with the popularity of live streaming video games on Twitch and uploading video game vlogs on YouTube where some of the top video game YouTubers like Pew Die Pie make millions a year, there is a big opportunity.

In 2015 alone revenues reached to $23.5 billion. The foundation and backbone of this industry are not the marketers or the CEO’s but instead it is the video game creators. But what do video game creators do and would it be a good career choice for you? If you have a passion for music, sound effects and like playing video games there is a big opportunity for audio production in the gaming and esports industries.

Here are the ins and outs on video and computer game audio creators

Is Video Game Production School Right for You?

There are two main elements to creating videos games that are the most important aspect to video games themselves. One is the video or visual side and the other is the music, sound effects, and audio side. We can help you learn the role of the audio engineering side of video games and help you gain the skills to create audio which enhances the chances of the next video game to break out as something every game loves to play. If this sounds exciting, then we are on to something that can help you make a career out of your passion of the video game industry.

The first role of a video game audio production is to learn programs we teach in our video game audio program such as Audiokinetic’s Wwise. By learning from our school you will gain access to Audiokinetic which sets the standard in interactive audio production for the gaming and media industry. And by learning this software you will be steps ahead of video game audio production engineers that tried learning production the sound, sound effects, and music behind video games.

AudioKinetic Wwises helps create truly sophisticated audio for games and interactive media. Wwise can increase your development efficiency and productivity without compromising your creative vision

What Do Video Game Sound Engineers Do?

Sound recording for video games is part of the CRAS Master Recording Program II which includes topics and proficiencies in digital studio system configuration, digital audio workstation control surfaces, advanced digital processing and digital audio production techniques. Learn how to mix in our Surround Sound Studio.

Learn from one of past students who worked on Halo on what he did after graduating.

Entering The Job Market and How Much You Will Be Worth

As any job, it pays to have experience. The best way to gain experience is going to a dedicated audio production trade school like ours that specializes in video game audio production.

By having a diploma or a certificate your skill set and ability as a designer is already documented. By going to school is also shows that you are passionate about designing to those who are hiring. A good way to also show your ability as a video game sound engineer is to have a game that you created the sound for. This will show the company you are interviewing for your abilities, styles and skills for creating more video game sound production

Video Game industry jobs can be a very lucrative career choice. This career starts at a salary around $37,846 annually up to $87,00 per year. The top video game audio creators typically make over $100k+ a year. But it is also a career that is derived from passion. The only way to be successful in this career is to know not only about video games but to be a head of the market for what consumers want from their video games.

Why CRAS Will Give You a Competitive Edge

Because video game audio design is becoming more and more popular, securing a job in the industry means that you have to have a competitive edge.

When you attend CRAS you will receive the audio production training you need to put you a step ahead of other designers that only have a background in art and computer science. In reality, very few prospective designers have knowledge in sound recording for video games, but those that do are highly desirable for employers. Without music and sound effects video games lack complexity and can quickly become one dimensional. By knowing how to bring audio into video games, a video game designer can be a part of the complete creative process and therefore an integral part of any company.

Now that you have a little insight, feel free to contact us here at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences at cras.edu,or at (800)562-6383, so that we can CONNECT YOU TO YOUR DREAM in Professional Audio!