Want to jump start your audio career? Look to CRAS

In just 11 months, you’ll have the skills, hands-on training, and real-world experience to launch your audio engineering or music production career the day you graduate.

And with our fast-track to graduation, launching your career won’t leave you buried in debt.

We even include a laptop recording package as part of your education cost.

Imagine yourself a year from now, confidently accepting your first job offer and doing the work of your dreams. Too good to be true? Not for CRAS graduates. CRAS stands in a class of its own for bringing together expert faculty, small classes for individual attention, and 24/7 access to high-end gear and the latest technologies.

Yes, CRAS has a Financial Services Office for assistance with loans, grants, scholarships, and G.I. Bill benefits. But that’s where our comparison to a college or university ends. You’ll never walk into a studio that feels like it was equipped in the ‘70s, scramble to get a few hours a week using the facilities, or waste years of time and tuition on general ed and theory. Every resource at CRAS is dedicated to one craft. And that single-minded approach includes every instructor, guest lecturer, and fellow student. Everyone you will meet and engage with at CRAS not only shares your passion but will become valuable industry contacts.

CRAS helps you succeed—in the classroom and the industry.

Our laser-focused curriculum is designed to provide everything you need to know for a successful career in music, video game sound, broadcast audio, live sound, and audio for film and TV. You’ll graduate with practical skills and techniques, critical listening and thinking, and enough tech and gear savvy to become the go-to problem solver at any studio. And at CRAS, the proving ground for your classroom education appears before you enter the job market.

Your final 12 weeks with CRAS will be spent completing an internship—one that you tailor around your career goals. The internship of your choice gives you a chance to apply everything you’ve learned to a studio environment, gain a working knowledge of operations and protocols, and come out with a level of confidence that only the real world can offer. In fact, the CRAS internship advantage is the only one of its kind in the audio education field. Not every internship turns into a job offer but they always give you a leg up in the job market by expanding your experience, self-assurance, connections, recommendations, and referrals.

The sky is the limit with a CRAS education.

Little wonder that CRAS alumni are so highly valued as employees and so often associated with award-winning projects. Our graduates have won Gold and Platinum certifications, Oscars, GRAMMYs, Tonys, Billboard Music Awards, RIAA Awards, AMAs, CMAs, and EMMYs. They worked on eight of the award-winning films featured at the 2018 Oscars and were involved with six GRAMMYs in 2020. Since 2009, they have been involved in more than 173 GRAMMY-winning albums and engineered live sounds for the music industry’s biggest names. CRAS alumni work for leading broadcast companies from ESPN to CBS Radio and have credits for more than 3,800 film, television and documentary projects.

Ready to join the CRAS family, explore your passion and change your entire life in just 11 months? Request information or apply today!