What to Do After High School other than College?

So you are about to graduate or just graduated from high school and you are asking friends, family, and now even Google “What should I do after high school, other than the traditional 4-year college?”

Great question!

Let us give you a list we brain stormed to give you some ideas to look into. Also, feel free to check out our alternatives to college post we did that is related to this question many high school students ask in preparation for their life after high school.

Top 7 ideas on What to Do After High School

  1. Go to a trade school
  2. Get a job
  3. Travel Abroad
  4. Serve our country and join the military
  5. Volunteer
  6. Intern
  7. Experiment

Let’s be real here though for a minute. Unless you have money saved or some really great parents you will need to “get a job” first and foremost. And by getting a job if you aren’t ready for college or what you want to do next it can help pay for a trade school like our 11-month program, or allow you to experiment with passions you have.

That being said if you have a passion or something you love like playing an instrument or music you can parlay that in to multiple things that will help you figure out your “why” in life. For example, you love music and want to experiment with a music production program at a trade school and you can take up an internship in the process towards the end of graduation.

See how I just combined 1,6,7 and you can still maintain a job (2), while doing it. They key here to success after your high school graduation is trying things that align with what you love and you can see as a stepping stone in career you want to pursue.