Why is CRAS one of the top engineering schools in the world?

Look we don’t mean to brag but we 110% believe in our product, programs, instructors, students, and our fundamental mission and value. If we didn’t we wouldn’t even expect you to give a chance.

Our mission is to train students for entry-level positions as audio recording engineers in the audio recording and music industry.

When searching Audio Engineering Schools and talking to prospective students they always say what makes your audio engineering schools “the best” or one of the top audio engineering schools in the world?

Why do we have students graduate from all over the United States?

What are the reasons they should go to our audio engineering school vs. some of the others or online audio engineering schools?

Top 13 Reasons Students Chose CRAS as their Audio Engineering & Music Production School

  • Our instructors care about our students and are always available to help you
  • Our audio engineering programs are always up to date based on the year we live in so you learn the latest technology and trends
  • We help you get a job after you complete our program
  • You gain knowledge in less than a year that can help you secure jobs and income that can earn you an income for a life time based on your effort in your career
  • We have state of the art technology and recording studios for a hands on learning experience
  • Our students have been nominated and have won many awards
  • Our students have gone on to create their own audio related businesses and have worked with well-known musicians and artists
  • We include a Laptop Recording Package in the cost of tuition
  • We only accept 12 students per class unlike other audio engineering schools
  • We teach you the elements to master this industry vs. “electives” colleges make you take that aren’t relevant to what you want to learn
  • You will learn 14 certifications during your studies
  • 21 of our graduates worked on 21 Grammy nominated recordings
  • We are the only audio engineering & recording school that has a mandatory internship as part of graduation placing you in the industry.

But don’t take our word for it for being the best and top audio engineering school in the world. Listen to what our CRAS graduates have to say.