Make your Music & Video Game Industry Dreams Reality with our Audio Engineering Schools

It’s a GREAT DREAM, isn’t it? You know what I’m talking about. That DREAM where you’re on stage and the audience is singing your song back to you, and you can almost see the stadium flexing with the movements of every single person that came to see YOU! It’s funny that that DREAM will keep you from sleeping. You’ll stay up all night learning your instrument(s), experimenting with your DAWs, figuring out why certain microphones in certain positions make certain sounds, trying to make a beat that sounds like what’s floating through your head, attempting to pour your emotions into an ear-friendly song that you can share, and hope that it becomes a worldwide sensation, just to end up on that stage in your DREAM. Right?!

It really is a great dream, and, no joke, we hope that you get to live it. The issue with this “dream” is that the probability of it becoming “reality” is tiny. Yes, there are tons of avenues that you can use to distribute your music, that can help spread this musical-wildfire of yours, but unless you can dedicate all of your time to it (and find a way of keeping yourself fed!), that kind of “dream” success will be difficult to get to.

There was once a time where you would have to sweat out all of your musical ideas with your bandmates in some basement, or gritty garage, work hard to build a “set list,” find local gigs, build a fan base, start booking larger gigs further away from home, and maybe… just maybe… some RECORD LABEL BIG WIG would see you play, be captivated by the music (and the $ the record label could make from record sales/merchandise), sign your band, and put you on a private jet to your first world-wide tour!

Today, things can go the “once upon a time” way, but because of the Internet, artists have been able to quickly get to the ears of listeners far faster than ever before. More so, with the advent of having a “studio” in your bedroom, you can be creative at your own speed, rather than the “speed of the budget” from the record label. However, in the time you save in not having to travel the highways, playing half-filled gigs endlessly, you must become your own marketing expert and dedicate your EVERYTHING to getting your music to the masses.

In either case, there is a looming question that nobody wants asked: When you do get your music to the masses, does it SOUND like it competes with other artists that are already living YOUR DREAM? Seriously, you can give it your all, and if your product doesn’t SOUND “competitive,” well… it just won’t compete. All that time and effort… poof… Well, at least you gave it your all, right? Right?

What if there was a BEST OF BOTH WORLDS situation that you may not have considered? What if you NEVER let go of your DREAM, AND still be able to live IN/AROUND that DREAM, AND FEED your belly (and SOUL!)? Well… that’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE! Here’s how:


This is what we mean by that: Every concert you’ve ever been to, every video game you’ve ever played, every movie you’ve watched, every tv show you’ve seen, every record you’ve ever heard… there’s audio professionals dealing with delivering the sound to the respective audience. Weirdly, it’s probably a life you’ve never even HEARD of. What is REALLY an Audio Engineer, is muddied up verbally with words like PRODUCER, MIXER, MASTERING ENGINEER, and so on. However, those that “know,” know that having the SKILLSET of dealing with audio/sound/music, will keep you on the path to YOUR DREAM, while you’re being intertwined in the DREAM of others’.

If you had the ability of routing sound through top level gear, in top level recording studios (or venues), you’d be rubbing elbows with top level professional in the industry, right? So, how do YOU get there? Easy… all you have to do is make your DREAM BIGGER than it already is! Start with learning that SKILLSET that will make YOUR SOUNDS more competitive, and give your SKILLSET the ability of being a PAID component in other people’s DREAMS! Remember this: Every person that doesn’t have the SKILLSET that I’m writing about NEEDS somebody that HAS that SKILLSET to help make their DREAM sonically marketable. That “somebody “could be YOU!

So, NOW what, right? There’s only one way to answer that: CRAS. The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences is a long-standing tradition in EXCELLENCE, when it comes to an education in Audio Engineering. For over 30 years, CRAS has developed the SKILLS for thousands of students, from all over the globe, and created a path to success in Audio Engineering with our goal-oriented curriculum and 280 Hour Internship. Thirteen world-class studios, 16 Industry recognized Certifications, Award-Winning instructors, a Mobile Broadcast Unit (42’ Trailer), cutting edge Analog and Digital technologies, and a 30+ year network of Audio Facilities that can put your SKILLSET to work in less than a year… yeah… THAT’S HOW TO LIVE A DREAM BIGGER THAN THE ONE YOU’VE CURRENT GOT!

CRAS is ready to get YOU to LIVE YOUR DREAM! All YOU have to do is contact us at 800.562.6383 to START LIVING YOUR DREAM!