Center Stage – Graduate Spotlight – Daniel Gautreaux

Center Stage – Graduate Spotlight is our blog series “spotlighting” on CRAS Graduates who have shared their success stories with CRAS. These stories will show you how unique and different every student’s experience is during their internships and the beginnings of their careers in audio. This spotlight post is on Daniel Gautreaux. Enjoy!

Daniel started at CRAS in the beginning of 2013. Here is what he’s been up to since…

What position have you received and at what company/studio?

Hype Man. Also, I’m an electronic tech and a guitar tech at a new and growing company called British Audio Service and Music.

How did you obtain this position? (Did you apply? Intern there first?)

When I first moved to Nashville I got a job working midnight to 7am in a warehouse as a repair tech where I was able to practice SMD soldering and eventually get IPC certified. After 7 months my internship at Starstruck was ending and the warehouse life was driving me crazy, so I left and went to find a new job. About a month later I was driving home and saw a music store to my left, so I went in to see if they were hiring. The first thing they asked me was if I was a tech so, me not knowing anything but how to solder really well was like, “Yes!” I didn’t have my resume with me so I drove home and updated it real quick then came right back. A couple days later I got the call saying I was hired. My first day was a disaster because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I told them I would work for free until I was able to hold my own and two weeks later I was getting paid. The owner Shane really took me in and along with Ben and Mike they gave me the tools I needed to grow as a technician. It’s been two years now with these cats and I still learn something new every single day.

What are your responsibilities?

Repairing/Restoring/Modifying tube amps, consoles, keyboards, pedals, and stringed instruments. Training and teaching the interns. I talk gear with all the customers and nerds that come in which is probably the best part. I do all of the carpentry work and pretty much anything as needed. Our real commodity is problem solving and the problem isn’t always electrical. Most people just want help with their tone and trust our knowledge and experience to either point them in the right direction or take them there entirely.

If you could give some advice to our current student body, what would it be?

Help as many people as you possibly can and stay humble. Make people laugh! Also, carry around a pack of smokes (spirits preferably). Even if you don’t smoke. I have met countless people through sharing. The goal is to meet as many people as you can and to always be respectful. Everyone knows something you don’t know and you need to learn what that is.

Our next Graduate Spotlight will be Chris Robbins. Stay tuned!

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