Preparing for a Trade School After High School Graduation

If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. Find your passion, whatever it is. Become it, let it become you, and great things will happen FOR you, TO you, and BECAUSE of you.

Angel Chernoff

you watch many of your friends fill out college applications for the prospect of moving away to study at a traditional four-year institution.  While the “university” life can be fulfilling, a students’ passion may not be rewarded by studying courses outside of their prime interests. You, however, have always known that “traditional education” wasn’t the path you would follow. Instead, you’re preparing for study at an audio engineering school that allows you to focus on your passions in Professional Audio. If you find that this is your educational route, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you take the first, bold step towards your dreams.

Maintain Your Grades

As you’re pondering the benefits of trade schools, you might think that you can slack with your grades and achievements, but when you are applying to an audio engineering or music production program, you must understand that the acceptance qualifications of the trade school you seek can be highly demanding, based on its reputation, pedigree and industry recognition. By keeping high grades, you increase your odds of obtaining acceptance into the desired program. Also, you are telling the acceptance committee at the music production schools or sound engineering schools that you care about high marks and achievements. It is imperative that you understand that the acceptance commit will treat you as a future ambassador for their educational facility, and would rather take a candidate that has proven great academic success, even in courses that do not pertain to the candidates’ interests.

Research Required Entrance Exams

While your friends are taking the SATs and ACTs, believing that a trade school doesn’t care about standardized exams is haphazard and can diminish your candidacy. Do not assume that you can forget about such tests just because you are going to a trade school. Audio production schools and audio recording schools, like ours, will have their own requirements that may demand proof of “general study” proficiency. Truth be told, the best audio production educational facilities will have stringent requirements, so put your best foot forward. The philosophy of most acceptance committees is “although unrefined, the best gold is pure gold,” so be as “pure” as you can be when applying for acceptance. As well, take the application process seriously. If the trade school of your choice is in high demand, accredited, and highly regarded, rest assured that there are MANY prospective students, like YOU, applying and trying to get in.

Take Relevant Courses

Of course, you want to pay attention to all of your courses. Schools and teachers strive for interdisciplinary connections in modern classrooms, and you never know how those “connections” might help you in your educational passion-pursuit. However, you should also look for classes that are related to your intended pursuits at sound engineering or audio recording schools. Doing so helps you to get a sense of what the field is like. When you apply to the schools, you can include the fact that you took those courses on your application materials. As well, take the application process seriously. If the trade school of your choice is in high demand, accredited, and highly regarded, rest assured that there are MANY prospective students, like YOU, applying and trying to get in. Find out what types of electives your high school offers.

Visit the School

Getting a feel for the school environment and for the students who attend the institution is important, if not critical. A guided tour of the facility should make you feel comfortable about wanting to pursue an acceptance at that educational facility. When visiting, inquire about the students’ daily study requirements, facility access, extra-curricular groups, and networking. Make sure to get the answers you’re looking for, and find comfort in wanting to continue the enrollment process. You’ll know very quickly if you can see yourself “there.”

Even though you are still in high school, you can begin to make some important decisions about the future and begin to prepare for the first day that you enter the trade school. In plain English: Your last day of high school is your first day of life, and what a life it is getting an education in your dream field! Stay focused, stay true to your passions, and reach for your dreams in Professional Audio. CRAS is ready to connect you to those dreams, so start by visiting and start your application process at

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