CRAS Broadcast Crew Goes to Barrett-Jackson

barrett-jackson cras broadcast

The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is broadcast live this week on Discovery Communication’s Velocity channel. Barrett-Jackson is a Scottsdale, Arizona company that specializes in vintage, collector, and classic cars. This show is the where the best of the best, most unique cars in the world, come to find new owners. The most expensive car auctioned at Barrett-Jackson is an original 1962 Shelby Cobra, which sold for a cool $13.75 million dollars.
broadcast at barrett-jackson

Dave Powers tours the CRAS Broadcast Crew

On site at Barrett-Jackson

The CRAS broadcast crew, including student volunteers, were invited by Bryan Korot, who is one of the audio engineers we’ve met at NASCAR. Bryan mixes this show, as well as the Supercross event we’re also invited to next week.

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Grad Spotlight: Tanner Danielson

Tanner graduated 7 years ago. He worked hard to get where he is at today with his career. Check out his story and be inspired!
cras grad tanner danielson

What position have you received and at what company/studio?

I am one of the three Audio Engineer’s at L.A. East Recording Studios, owned and operated by Non-Stop Music, in Salt Lake City, UT.  Non-Stop Music is a “Production Music” company under the “Warner/Chappell Production Music” umbrella of companies, owned by the Warner Music Group.

How did you obtain this position? (Did you apply? Intern there first?)

I walked in and DEMANDED IT!!! Haha no, just kidding.  “L.A. East” was actually one of my top 3 studios that we sent my resume out to, for an internship.

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WavesLive at CRAS

waveslive 2017WavesLive would like to invite you to an exclusive event at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Gilbert, Arizona.  This free event will be held on Tuesday, January 31st , from 7pm to 10pm.

Sign up to attend here

waveslive waves plugins plug-inJoin Waves artists Ken ‘Pooch’ Van Druten (Linkin Park, Kid Rock, Kiss) and Bryan ‘Froggy’ Cross (The Pussycat Dolls, Christina Aguilera, Sublime) as they demonstrate how they mix their artists on tour using Waves plugins.

Waves Live Product Specialist Kent Margraves will be giving an overview of SoundGrid and DiGiGrid products as well as demonstrating some of Waves’ most useful plugins in a live sound setting.

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Grad Success Spotlight: Mike Yerkman

Live Sound Engineer – Front of House – Production Management

mike yerkman grad successMike Yerkman graduated from the Conservatory program only 2 years ago and is already working tons of live sound gigs as a FOH (Front of House) engineer and production management! Check out his story.

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Mojave and BAE Gear Showcase at CRAS

Mojave and BAE Gear Showcase at CRAS

gear from bae and mojave audioYou can never have too much gear! CRAS is always experimenting with the latest gear and technology that the music and audio industry has to offer. For example, last year we held the 2015 CRAS Gear Expo. We invited a number of gear manufacturers that we have worked with throughout our 20+ year history at CRAS. BAE and Mojave Audio were both there last year, and we were fortunate enough to have them visit us again this year!

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How to record an acoustic guitar

how to record acoustic guitarAcoustic guitar is one of the most commonly played instruments. It is a relatively simple instrument, just six strings strung down the neck and over the sound hole in the body. As basic as it looks, recording an acoustic guitar can be a challenging process. How can I record an acoustic guitar? What kind of guitar recording equipment is involved? How do I get that bright, shiny string sound?

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Best Halloween Songs of All Time

halloweenHalloween kicks off the holiday season, which is full of singing and merriment.

Music history and appreciation are often under-looked aspects of having a career in the audio industry. To understand how to be a great audio engineer, you have to understand what makes music great. Knowing what songs have been popular gives you insight into how new songs could sound. By listening back over the history of music, you can add a lot of tricks to your engineering repertoire. Perhaps you hear a different song arrangement that makes you think. Maybe the way the drums are mixed on a tune gives you inspiration to work on your own mixes.

Previously, I made a list of unique Thanksgiving and Christmas songs to add to your winter enjoyment, but it dawned on me that Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year, doesn’t seem to have as many popular songs and jingles as the other holidays.

For my enjoyment, I’ve made a comprehensive list of the thirteen top Halloween Songs of All Time.

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What does an Audio Engineer actually do?

What does an audio engineer actually do? That depends on a number of variables! The very basic idea of audio engineering is being able to get sound from one place, to another. An audio engineer needs to be able to set up mics, route signal, test equipment, add EQ or effects, and make sure the overall program is listenable.

live sound stage singer

For example, if we think about what happens at a concert – sound starts with the vocalist singing into a microphone. Where does the sound go from there? How does the crowd get to hear it coming out of speakers? What happens in-between the microphone and speaker?

When you put on a NetFlix show, and you hear your favorite actor crack a joke – how was it possible that you were:

  1. able to hear that joke,
  2. listen to it when you wanted to hear it, on demand,
  3. and hear it in the comfort of your own living room?

This is all possible thanks to the recording arts and sciences that allow us to capture and playback sound!

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audio engineering programs

How to Find Your Passion in Pro Audio/ Video Gaming, after High School

Now that you’ve graduated from High School, are you wondering what new educational adventure will lead you into a career in Pro Audio or Video Gaming? Did you start pondering this well before you entered your last year of High School? Have you realized that the traditional 4-year college is just not for you? If so, there’s good news! Many students, like you, leaving their High School years are caught at a crossroads of having to choose the traditional educational route, and the route that feeds their passions in Pro Audio.

Many students feel the same way you do and would rather first hone in on a specific skill or passion or get a job and start a career in an industry they love sooner than later. By this point, you have also realized, besides spending all this money, getting student loans, and committing to 4 years or more at college, you still think you want to learn more in specific industry before jumping completely into a job or career at entry level, with no skills at all.

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Advanced Laptop Orientation with Jess Repanshek

Every student who attends CRAS gets their own Laptop Recording Package. The package contains a brand new MacBook Pro, Native Instruments Komplete 6 audio interface, Audio Technica mic and headphones, Waves and iZotope plug-ins, Logic, Pro Tools, and more.

cras laptop recording package macbook

One of the first days of class for new students is their Laptop Orientation Day. We set aside an entire day to go over everything that students need to know. Starting at turning on their laptop, we guide them through everything they need to know, as if they had never used an Apple computer before. For many students, this MacBook Pro is the first Apple computer they’ve owned!

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